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For starters i will explain how this guild and its recruitment will work.

I believe in giving anyone who wants to join a good guild a chance in doing so. Although large sizes can be a problem and i 'll try to avoid that,
i want us to welcome anyone who would want to be a helpful and willing participant in our merriment.

To that extent the guilds goals are as follows:

First and foremost to be amongst the best if not the "bloody" best PvE guild in the server, 10-20 man raids, the works.
To that extent, being a raider wont be a requirement to join the guild, anyone who wants can join. HOWEVER i expect those
that want to attain the rank of "Raider" if not to be the best, then to know that they ll be spending a lot of time online, farming
getting to know their class and spending even more hours raiding. Whereas i wont force people to raid i want our raiding team to be
top notch, so raiders beware.....

Secondly to have a strong and balanced PvP team that will consist of PvP only people and the raiders during the downtime.
I want us to be known to the server's Defiant faction. Known and be feared! On occasion i will call out "Great Hunts"!
When that happen during that hour/day/week all the server will base its job around said zone. From AFK'ing to grinding and
looking for PvPing and stalking the members of the opposing faction on said zone. That will enable us to establish
footholds of our own and make the game a bit more interesting and a bit more like home. We will be fighting for our territory!

Finally i want to have a nice social aspect to the guild, and want us to be filled with smart,mature and intelligent people who
contribute, help and assist each other, thus building a strong social community both inside the game and IRL. I do believe strongly
in the forged bonds that MMOs create and i want to establish a good base of operations for that to take place.

Now in regards to the recruitment rules, just to clarify because in beta we were kind of running wild Razz

Anyone who wants to join will be able to and after a brief introduction, to just make sure you aren't a gold farmer/bot/internet troller/pain in the behindus,
You will be invited to the guild. At that point you have 24 hours to make a forum post in the "Recruitment" part of our thread

I shall post a template which people will be meant to follow, in which you will be expected to share some personal information with us and to see
how much you truly care.

Failure to post within 24 hours or a sub-par application will get you out the door faster than a hungry cockroach!

Furthermore guildies can, will and are expected to post in said threads to raise or lower the value of said individuals who are applying.

That is all for now....

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