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Post  Ziva on Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:41 am

Title for post: Your Char Name - Your Level - Your Class. (ES. Elyas - Level 50 - Mage)

Character Name: Ziva

Name: Known by the name of Cobz for everyone... Needed a female name and was watching NCIS so I went with Ziva for this char

Sex: Got to take me out to dinner first! (Male)

Age: 20

Country: England

Job/Studies: BestBuy IT department

Hobbies: Love my movies and tv shows... I play a fair few games but sticking to LoL and RIFT atm

Anything more you 'd like to share?: All you need to know is Im awesome.


Favorite Music/Band/Artist: I love anything and everything but at the moment im partial to a bit of Chase and Status

Favorite Dish: BBQ chicken fajitas!

Favorite Film: Goonies!

Funny Joke: I have a brilliant knock knock joke but somebody else needs to start it..


MMOs Played in the Past: WoW would be the only one worth mentioning

Noticeable Experience or responsibility: Part of #1 ranked raiding guild on Lightbringer back in Vanilla WoW... Since then I have played every expansion bar cataclysm end game

Why do you want to join "Bloodborne"?: Want to get into a decent guild that knows its goals before hundreds start popping up because everybody fancies themselves a GM...

Do you think the GM is awesome?: What happens if I say no? Surprised


Member Role: Raider

Level: 13 currently but only got 3 hrs 40 mins played so I will be leveling quickly

Archetype: Mage

Preffered Souls: Necro and Lock

Preffered Role: DPS

How often do you play during a week?: Try to balance it between my gf and other shit (work and what not) but around 20 hours min


Final Parting Words: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (dont think that counts as words though)


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Ziva - 13+ - Mage Empty Re: Ziva - 13+ - Mage

Post  Drinara on Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:22 pm

Thanks for filling out the application and welcome to the guild Smile

- Drin

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