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Orlandou - Level 0 - Cleric [Edit by Euphemia] Empty Orlandou - Level 0 - Cleric [Edit by Euphemia]

Post  Orlandou on Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:51 am

Character Name : Orlandou & the other's Aeris
Name:Andrew in English and Adreas in Greek.
Job/Studies:I am a student in Aircraft Engineering on the 2nd year , but I ald have a poor degree on with which I have found a part time job.But I believe this has nth to do with the game.
Hobbies:I only play pc-games and wow.

Anything more you 'd like to share?:I am not a profficient user of English and I usually refrain from speaking them.

Favorite Music/Band/Artist:It is heavy metal most I like Metallica , Slayer , Megadeth , Anthrax but can't offset any of the bands or the singers or name one as my favorite.There are ,with many others ,vey mind-blowing too me and cant make such a misjudgement.
Favorite Dish:Traditional junk food souvlaki of course.It outweight's anything else.
Favorite Film:Is is the "Taken" with Liam Neeson.
Funny Joke:Three friends head for a ski trip but at the ski lounge was only one room available with only 1 bed where all turned in for the night.The next morning the left guy said he had a dream of a ski instructor giving him the best handjob of his life.Then te guy the right said that he dreamed of his penis being stoke by a snow-bunny.The middle guy ends the joke with the line "That's funny I dreamed I was skiing."

Why do you want to join "Bloodborne"?:I mostly want to join Bloodborn as a social member, because I imagine playing this mmo in a friendly, suportive and well informed enviroment.I belive this is the guild because I'd been checking you in beta getting down to business with your characters and it was impressive.

Do you think the GM is awesome?:As far as I can say and from my experience in wow , must he be a rising star?Or a living library.
Member Role:Social .I wont be able to hit 50 very fast and dont feel like raiding very fast.
Level:Orlandou inquisitor 29 and Aeris paladin 30.
Archetype: Cleric
Preffered Souls: Inquisitor,Warden
Preffered Role: Warden
How often do you play during a week?: from 17:00-02:00 x 7 = 63 hours.
MMOs Played in the Past: Wow until I got all bosses down on each patch . Then It had always been lossing it's interest.

Final Parting Words:Cant think of smt now .This post tired me a bit to put it all down.I just would really like to join the guild and try to help its progress as much as I can.I joined you guys in the beta and really want to go on with this guild.

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Orlandou - Level 0 - Cleric [Edit by Euphemia] Empty Re: Orlandou - Level 0 - Cleric [Edit by Euphemia]

Post  Gaunt on Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:58 am

Kalws mas irthes Smile

Welcome Smile

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