'bout time I introduced myself!

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'bout time I introduced myself! Empty 'bout time I introduced myself!

Post  Ian on Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:19 pm

Right, well my names Ian, I'm from England and live in a small town in Oxfordshire. I'm 22 and sadly still live at home with my parents. I have two cats, one who's a fluffy monster and growls at everything and a lil kitten who I share with my girlfriend (Cheaper than a baby!)

I'm a pretty chilled out person, I'm friendly, fun, outgoing, open minded and always up for a laugh and a random adventure. Love meeting new people, Be it online or randomly when I'm out and about. I find pretty much everything in life interesting and I'm a really curious person who loves learning new things. I really enjoy getting to know each individual. Some people think it's being nosey but I see it as showing an interest. Everybodys different so there's always a new story to be told.

I enjoy going to gigs, traveling, meeting people and spending my money making other people happy. I'm a bit of a geek, I love gaming, computing, science, philosophy and all that other good stuff. I try everything at least once and always try to be the best I can become.

I literally enjoy everything, into all types of music and movies. I love pretty much all types of art and enjoy designing and editing my own when I'm feeling inspired by something important and close to me.

That about sums me up I guess, the majority of people take me for granted, but you should never judge a book by it's cover. Get to know me for yourself then make up your own mind (:

tl;dr Ian, 22, girlfriend, kitten, geek, thanks.

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