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Post  Tierror on Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:08 am

Character Name: Tierrorick

Name: Joseph, Joe, I go by pretty much anything you can come up with for the name Joseph.

Sex: M

Age: 19

Country: Norway

Hobbies: Playing MMO's

Anything more you 'd like to share?: I like cookies.


Favorite Music/Band/Artist: I like a lot of different bands.

MMOs Played in the Past:WoW (Quit shortly after BC) Aion (quick fairly quickly.

Noticeable Experience or responsibility: GM in Classic. Also raided as a role model for other guilds. (e.g. people watched our raid films etc.etc.

Why do you want to join "Bloodborne"?: I want a hardcore fappin... er raiding guild.

Do you think the GM is awesome?: Not sure yet!


Member Role: Raider

Level: 50

Archetype: Cleric
Preffered Souls: Healing:Warden/Sent. Tanking:Justicar/Shaman/Druid (I prefer healing)

Preffered Role: Healing

How often do you play during a week?: 5 hours a day~40-50 hours a week.


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Post  Gaunt on Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:00 am

Edit and post according to template:

Thank you.

P.S.: And yes there is method in the madness, don't think i am just eccentric, cause i am but thats another issue....

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