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Battlegroup! Empty Battlegroup!

Post  Ciane on Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:40 pm

Okey, cause we are playing in PvP Server i decided to start Battlegroup System.

Those player's who don't care about PvE that much and love's pvp this thread for you. This is open to all too!

Main rule: No Bullshit or GTFO!

What Battlegroup stands for: 50 lvl's that are dedicaded to pvp or pvp/Pve can form similiar to wow's arena team. (No ingame support yet... murrr... Spamming trion for getting it) and creating PvP Team from guild m8's. And that means that you try to go in battlegrounds with 5man group from guild and all of you would use teamspeak to communicate. This will increase your chance to get victory in Whitefall and Port Scion.

And other thing that if you choose to create "PvP Team" inside Bloodborne, it means that you must recruit people to it time to time. (First people would be recruit's of Bloodborne before they join one team) we would like to see one or two groups....

/w Ciane ingame for more details or if you got team send me PM in forums and i add your team and members to list!



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