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Post  Soot on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:56 am

Character Name: Soot.
Name: Soot, this is what pretty much everyone but my mother call me. Also employers.
Sex: Male.
Age: 26.
Country: Sweden.
Job/Studies: Currently studying at the University of Gothenburg.
Hobbies: I enjoy grabbing random electronic junk, fix it up and sell it. Recently got a Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM up and running as my main monitor. No, I'm not awesome at it, I just think it's a fun thing to do.

Me as a person: I spend a lot of time with my SO, and recently on my studies. The first one is lovely but the other is usually not. I use RIFT as a way of enjoying a nice game with people I like talking to, not as a way of working out repressed memories or increasing my e-penis. I'm a former member of The Reborn (I bet there will be a few of us joining in the next few days due to the merger) and I'm what you would call a casual player. I hope to do the easier of the raids later on, because I enjoy the tactics, but there is little chance of me grinding 24/7 for whatever is needed for it. Man, I sound boring.
What would I bring this guild? Probably guild chatting and off-raiding/off-PvPing. Also, I do enjoy world PvP and I'm looking forward to the "hunts". And guild quests! Man, I love those. Also artifacts, I'll be sharing loads of them on the guild chat whenever I find them. Alright, enough.

MMOs Played in the Past: World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, All Points Bulletin, a few Korean F2P MMOs I don't remember anymore.
Noticeable Experience or responsibility: Pretty much none. Usually technical "officer" keeping tabs on Mumble servers, forums and such.
Why do you want to join "Bloodborne"?: Former member of The Reborn who went through with a merger with Bloodborne. It seemed like a nice enough guild in my eyes.
Do you think the GM is awesome?: From what I can tell he seems strict, but he also answered a few questions I had the other day which is nice. All-in-all I have no idea. He probably is.

Member Role: Social player, PvP, some light raids.
Archetype: Rogue
Preffered Souls: Assassin main, Bard main or Riftstalker main.
Preffered Role: Stealthy DPS/Crowd Control as an Assassin (PvP or PvE) or support as a Bard. I would say Bards are more useful for the group, but that's just my own opinion. I enjoy melee more than range, though.
How often do you play during a week?: It all depends on my obligations while AFK. I'd say between 5 and 20 hours, more lately closer to 5.
Final Parting Words: Thanks for the approve, I hope this edit will make things more clear. My bad.

EDIT: Added parts of the recruitment template I didn't realize actually was a template (I thought it was part of an example of a application).

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Soot - Level 34 - Rogue Empty Re: Soot - Level 34 - Rogue

Post  Drinara on Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:57 am

Your take on the template is a bit liberal but I'll let that slide for now.

Welcome to the guild ^_^

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