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Post  Ursus on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:33 am

Title for post: Your Char Name - Your Level - Your Class. (ES. Elyas - Level 50 - Mage)

Character Name: Ursus

Name: Björn

Age: 17

Country: Sweden

Job/Studies: High School student, 1st year on Science program.

Hobbies: Computer Games.

Favorite Music/Band/Artist: In Flames, Soilwork, Iron Maiden, Metallica are a few.

Favorite Dish: Pizza ofc

Favorite Film: Memento

MMOs Played in the Past: WoW, Lotro.

Noticeable Experience or responsibility: Guild Leader in a quite serious Raiding Guild, also been the leader of many PvP teams, Rated BG teams in WoW.

Why do you want to join "Bloodborne"?: I have high expectations on Rift and would like to experience the game with other good and serious players.

Member Role: PvP

Level: Only 14 atm but started quite recently.

Archetype: Rogue

Preffered Role: Ranged DPS.

How often do you play during a week?: I dont count the hours but about 40 hrs. Depends on how much school work I have.


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