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Ghostalized - lvl 6 - Warrior -  Empty Ghostalized - lvl 6 - Warrior -

Post  Mathias1106 on Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:03 am

Char name - Ghostalized

IRL Name: Mathias Lange Rasmussen, Call me Long

Sex: I think imma Male?

Age: 18

Country: Denmark

Job/studies: HHX Gymnasium

Hobbies: Basketball

Anything else i wanna say?: well im you could call me Biggie Biggie

Favorite music: So much... Techno-house-PoP-RNB-RaP(Rythm And Poetry)-Reggae

Favorite film: 127 Hours - Teletubbies

Funny Joke: ... jess i don't know xD i'm not really in to Copy Paste jokes :p
well, your momma is so fat that she needs a map to find her knee.

MMO'S played in the past: World Of Warcraft - top 10 EU in 3s bracket. Noxeyy Rsham

Experience: 2800 rating in 3s in WoW

Do I think the GM is awesome: He's cool, and for once a GM who can speak english! THANK YOU! Razz

Member Role: Serious PvP'er Aswell doing serious PvE

Level: 6

Archetype: Warr

Pref Souls: Imma Champion

Pref Role: Pve=Tank, dont mind DpS'ing - PvP= Pure Damaging Rage!

How often do i play a week: Cant tell, sometimes 40 hours, sometimes 5 hours.

Final Words: Let's get serious, and get famous! I wanna be the best (again)


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Ghostalized - lvl 6 - Warrior -  Empty Re: Ghostalized - lvl 6 - Warrior -

Post  Gaunt on Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:44 am

Approved Smile

Welcome aboard sonny....

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