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Post  Amoriana on Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:22 am

Character Name: Amoriana

Name: Knut

Sex: If you offer, wont refuse

Age: 21

Country: Norway

Job/Studies: Currently studiyng computer science

Hobbies: When Im not working with school, I play games, watch tv-shows and have a few beers with friends now and then

Anything more you 'd like to share?: No, you are all scary and Im afraid that if I share more info you will find and rape me


Favorite Music/Band/Artist: I mainly listen to rock/metal music, but I dont have a problem with listening to most music.

Favorite Dish: It all depends if I have to make it myself or not Smile I like diffrent variations of lamb, but if Im making the dinner myself it usually ends up with a frozen pizza or something else that takes minimal effort to make

Favorite Film: Hard one, but The Departed would be high on my list just because the story aint that Hollywood influenced.

Funny Joke:
A doctor says to his patient: "I have some bad news and some even worse news for you".
"Oh my" says the patient, "Whats the bad news?"
"You only have 24 hours to live" replies the doctor
"Thats terrible! How can you possible have even worse news then that?" asks the patient.
"I have been trying to reach you since yesterday" answers the doctor.


MMOs Played in the Past: Wow, Aion, WAR, Eve, AoC, EQ most likely some more, been trying out most of the mmos that have been release the last few years

Noticeable Experience or responsibility: Been bumped to officer/class leader in all guilds ive been in for more then a month in wow.

Why do you want to join "Bloodborne"?: Seems like the guild that best suits my desires in this game

Do you think the GM is awesome?: No, he is greek!


Member Role: Raider/PVP

Level: 26 atm

Archetype: Rogue

Preffered Souls: Atm im leveling with as a bladedancer with a riftstalker soul as a secondary, at max level i guess ill see what is needed/what is best but i prefer melee

Preffered Role: Tank/DD

How often do you play during a week?: Depends on rl but usually 20-40 hours a week


Final Parting Words: Im awesome


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Amoriana - 26 - Rogue Empty Re: Amoriana - 26 - Rogue

Post  Gaunt on Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:09 am


Moving on...

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